Weekend Birding : Valley School, Bangalore

Posted by redthil On 9/16/2012 08:06:00 PM

It was long time since i took my camera and aimed at a bird in recent times. And that too i realized it, when i was not even able to hold the camera steady at the shutter speed of 1/40!!!! i seriously was worried, that i have given so much of gap, that i had to shoot randomly, and practice shots before i was able to be comfortable with holding the gear, though its not that light-weighted (its Canon 7D + Sigma 150-500). 

And only after transferring those random shots, i did realize that this monsoon makes things more soft and pretty, in green. It was like, Go-Green everywhere, it was so nice to see those greeny greeny things everywhere.. just to compare how much the little rains has turned the place today different, you can check out the pics taken at this place during our visit there this march @ http://blog.redthil.com/2012/03/weekend-birding-valley-school-bangalore.html

So, this time, my first preference in listing the order of the images turned to "Green", than the birds... So, here are few of the pics which calms the eyes as soon as we look at them...

this creeper not only covered the tree trunks, it also turned the fences to a green-bushes..

liked the little budding leaf, among the more older and dark leaves...

wished this had turned into pale-green, so that i could have also tasted it..

i seriously couldn't resist clicking this one..

no wonder, nature has so many wonders.. a perfectly camouflaged big-grasshopper.. 

and if you dint believe the power of this creeper, here u can see a whole area covered with this creeper.. and that white flower standing top of all those... just to attract the insects and bees... 

near or far, the whole area was greener everywhere...

Being a birding trip, we did spot lot of birds, and i did manage to click few of them...

followed this pair of flame-back woodpecker for quite a long time.. [ the second one is behind this trunk ]

And this Honey-Buzzard was sitting at the top of the tree, calling out loudly, for quite a long time.. but only things was, it was little far, even for 500mm...

finally managed to click a pic, where both the woodpeckers are seen.. the colours in these birds were really awesome...

Shikra - sitting on a tree branch, and probably looking for its breakfast.. [ had to remove a twig which was above the bird's head, to keep the bird as the focus point in this frame.. thanks to PS ]

It was not just the big ones with wings were busy looking for the morning breakfast... this small one was too busy with its own search for its share in those tiny tiny flowers..

and the colours of these butterflies actually got enhanced with all those greens everywhere..

talking about the camouflage, its not just small insects, even this white-cheeked barbet is an expert... it took a while to spot this one among the leaves... 

Its not just the fauna which was great in monsoon. It was also the flora was really mind-blowing... few of them are here...

yellow and green, goes together perfectly here..

i wouldn't dare counting these flowers..

and yes... pink and green too goes together perfectly... :) 

bud, budding, and flowered pink flowers, with those amazing green leaves in the background..

it looked like eyes popping out..

it was like double or nothing.. but, here even a single bunch has lots of flowers...giving out amazing scent..

The Glory Lilly, also called as "Flame Lilly".. it's always amazing to see this flower , but tough to get a good shot at it..

now you know why its called "Flame Lilly"  - it has dual colors, yellow and red giving it appearance of fire flames. 

some more pics of the flora and also, few of the wildlife in that are.. not tiger or lion.. even flowers and a lizard in forest is wild...

And our team.. Albin and Parry  busy in taking pic of the frog-spit of the froghopper insect...

finally, sorry albin for that scary ride early in the morning :)

Note: All these are taken using Canon 7D & Sigma 150-500 ONLY..


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