Sindoor Khela On Dashami 2012

Posted by redthil On 10/25/2012 05:11:00 PM

Wednesday, 24-October-2012

Sindoor Khela, celebrated in the last day of Durga Puja, It is believed that the Goddess Durga returns to 'Kailash' mountain on this day. 

Before The Immersion Ceremony, married Bengali women play with Sindoor wearing traditional Dresses and offer 'Sindoor' at the Feet Of The Goddess Durga and then smear each other with 'Sindoor', Wishing long life for their Husband and Peace & Prosperity for their Families. 

Thanks to "Frames Banlgaore", as this time got an opportunity to attend this event @  AICOBOO Residents Layout Ground, near  Udupi Garden Signal, Behind Advaith Petrol pump in BTM.

Though initially the crowd was less, as the time progressed, so does the increase in the count of the people also. All queued up, to offer Sindoor to Goddess Durga.

Had good time clicking this event, as in this event, its all about picking & clicking the expressions & emotions of people all around, than waiting for something to happen on the stage. 

As always, had lots of fun taking my camera out of the bag, and lot more fun clicking people's faces and expressions.

here are few of those pics taken there...

Morning Pooja

The first thing heard as soon as we reached the venue, was this Shankha sound, early in the morning

It was pooja time in the morning, before this Sindoor Khela event started.

Priest offering blessing to all those devotees who were present early in the morning

Blessed by the priest.

Offering Sindoor  to the Goddess

After the Morning pooja, it was then the time for the Women to offer Sindoor  to Goddess Durga. It was managed well by the "Bengali In Bangalore" group (shortly known as "BinB"

Waiting for their turn for offering..

Little prayers while waiting..

Calm Look at the Mighty Goddess Durga

Those mighty eyes of Durga!!!!!

Women offering Sindoor to the Goddess directly

little close look

The Khela Time

After offering to the Goddess, its the Khela time.. 

Keeping Sindoor to one-another.. thereby, blessing the other and getting blessed by the other.. 

Dance and Music

And the source for the Music was these two guys.. beating hard, fast and in perfect rythm..

Then it was all fun time... dancing and celebrating..

All in traditional attire!!!!!

It was kind of round robin between the Women and Men group for taking up dance stage...

and Fun is not just for the Women rite... :)

Cute little Kids

When there is a family event, then there is a plenty of fun because of those cute little kids who run around and make use of every inch of the space available. And that gives lot of opportunity to click on some cute expressions of those kids, and the beautiful emotions shared between the kid and the parent.

And finally, thanks to BinB group and also the Frames Bangalore team for giving me the opportunity.

More pics @ 

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