Pink Poui Tree Blossom - Cubbon Park - Dec 2013

Posted by redthil On 12/07/2013 02:30:00 PM

we were on the way to my wife's exam center near cubbon park, which is when, we noticed these beautiful flowers blossomed all over the tree. it seemed like there are no leaves in the tree literally. have seen these before, but this time in cubbon park, it was not just one tree... it was series of tress, in front (or behind) of State Central Library, that takes everyone's attention, when driving through Cubbon Park.

and having some time to kill today, when my wife is busy writing exams, i took the opportunity to visit that area, by walk.. unfortunately, dint have my firing weapon with me.. but still, now everyone is a cameraman these days, with camera's in their pocket.. i'm no different, hence took that advantage to make use of it..

and here are few pics shot during my one hour time there..

Other than the Pink Poui Flowers...

if you havent visited cubbon park, please go right now..

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