Black Vs Blue - Batman Vs Superman

Posted by redthil On 3/25/2016 01:39:00 AM

Just came back from watching "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" . First thoughts, may be got too much of expectations going into the movie, after watching the multiple trailers. I feel, trailers are more interesting than the actual full length movie. So, kudos to those trailer creators.. :)

Expectations were high for me , because of two reasons: First, after three movies of Batman from Christopher Nolan, going out of those sequels, by default brought more expectation.. Secondly, when its two SuperHeros (infact, three, including Wonder Woman), facing against each other, that too Batman and SuperMan, I was pushed to that sort of expectations.

When it comes to Action sequences, the only scene i liked in the whole movie, is the below dialogue, when those two face each other for the first time with their costumes on..

Two things i liked the most in this movie, costumes of the characters and as-usual the background score from Hans Zimmer. As for as the story is concerned, i think, its way too much predictable..just a seed for the next sequel of movies which we can expect to be released in coming years..

Btw, to say who won this time, well, you'll anyways know the obvious answer.. dont have to sit through the entire movie for the answer...


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