The One Image - Made me Shoot In RAW always

Posted by redthil On 3/08/2016 11:08:00 AM

The below is one Image which made me to realize the true potential of RAW file.

When i looked at the CR2 file using Picasa, i thought its just going to be another silhouette shot.. still, i wanted to try to see, what details are in the shadows and how much i can recover them. Thats when i opened it through PS, and realized , i could pretty much get ALL the details of those small temples in front.. Awesome..

And, i still liked the little shade of darkness, when compared to the brighter glorious sun behind. So, kept that small amount of darkness, and ensure that, this adds more beauty overall to the entire picture..

If i had clicked just the jpegs-only for this pic, i would have ended up with the option of either blowing-up the darkness (which would have only made that part more noisy) or only with another dark silhouette pic (which i would not have uploaded anywhere..)

Though i had been getting advise from multiple people (especially Parikshit), i somehow dint feel the importance of it till now, to shoot in RAW. may be i was too lazy to do the processing again once transferred or dint want to do much of editing on the pic and share it as-it-is..but, with shooting in RAW, i give tons of opportunity to process it and present the pic as witnessed in the location..

So, now, never going back to JPEG mode of shooting ever.. 

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